Suddenly the rugs of security, stability and certainty are pulled out from under us! Where do we now put our feet? I was given a diagram, similar to the one I have developed above, suggesting that, in responding to COVID-19, we move from a fear zone to a learning zone, then to a growing zone.

A good start, but we need help! Jesus stands with us in such upside-down places. We find his ‘zones’ in the ‘Beatitudes’.

Jesus meets us in our ‘poverty of spirit’; when at the end of our rope (The Message)! He helps us acknowledge some of our initial responses, such as fear, anger, impatience, self-protection and overstocking.

Releasing us from the attachments and illusions underlying these responses, he offers us comfort as we grieve (mourn) our losses and poor choices. Placing his cloak of humility (meekness) around us, Jesus shows how, with greater dependence on God, we can offer ‘kingdom-hearted’ responses.

His ‘zones’ unfold in the subsequent ‘Beatitudes’ which invite our continued growth in his likeness. A good time to check them out!