We’ll learn in today’s sermon that everyone NEEDS the gospel. I totally agree. But think: For people to learn about Jesus, ask him to turn their lives around, and grow as disciples requires that the Christian scriptures be available in a media and a language they understand. In the missions world, we call working out if that is possible the Bible translation NEED. There are a lot of factors to consider, but these ‘pictures’ illustrate two parts of the need:

Potential Bible translation needs by continent

Bible translation status for Sign Languages (There are at least 387 sign languages worldwide.)

Remember though: languages don’t need Scripture. People need Scripture. Pray that during this time of pandemic that those trained to do the careful work of Bible translation (spoken or signed) will remain healthy so that all may know their gospel need and have the opportunity to respond.

Sue McQuay

Source, October 2019: www.wycliffe.net/resources/scripture-access-statistics/