One thing has struck me most about the story of the two sons in Luke 15:11-31 is the one thing they had in common. The younger brother didn’t want the father – he wanted the father’s things. However, the elder brother – the obedient one, the reliable and loyal one – turns out he didn’t want the father either!

He was biding his time until the father’s things became his. What did they both miss? The inherent joy of just being with the father. 

This has made me question myself. Do I delight in the Lord? Do I enjoy just being in his presence? Or do I talk with God primarily in the hope of receiving benefits? 

Is it his blessings I seek rather than just himself? God promises he will never leave us or forsake us. And the Bible says, “Better is one day spent in God’s house than thousands elsewhere.” 

So, what was the younger brother missing that he chose to leave rather than seek satisfaction in his father? And why – when the older brother became so angry – did the father have to remind him what should have been obvious: “My son, you are always with me”? 

Do I look elsewhere in this world for pleasure and satisfaction when just to be with God and to delight in him is enough?

May I be ever more aware of the father’s love, his beauty, his peace, just because of who he is.

David Keers