Marriage has some really tough times. Two individuals coming together as one, each with their own personality, hopes, desires, careers, in-laws and then they go and add children.  No wonder it gets tough.  Praise God, he has blessed WRBC with some great marriages to set the example of how to do it.

I think it was Mark Gungor, from “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”, who said that most marriages that fail, do so when one partner gets selfish.  But it is so easy to choose ourselves over others.  We each come into the relationship with our own baggage, things that the other person may not even know about and then we try to make this ‘Oneness’ work.  Ephesians 5: 1-2  says, “Walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God (NIV).”  Sometimes, no problem but other times, “WOW! This is a hard choice to make”.  But thank God we have Jesus’ example to follow.  Making a cup of tea for your spouse, after picking up their dirty washing, ‘again’ (for the umpteenth time) is nothing compared to what has been done for us through Christ.

Wives do this so well.  I know Tuesday sacrifices so much for our family and I witness the same constantly in the wives I know.  I thank God that He has given me a wife who loves me in spite of my flaws; that we can help each other provide a foundation of love that has God underpinning it, supporting our family.

So a huge thanks goes out to those who make the tea, even if they are tempted to add salt.  They choose to follow Jesus’ example, choosing to make it work. Not because their partners were “the one” but because of the humbling of themselves in response to what Jesus has done for us all.

May God bless all our marriages and help us to continue to choose His way over ours.