Youth Church serves young people from years 7 to 12.  During adolescence – the Latin origin of the word means to grow into adulthood – our ‘tweens’ and ‘teens face a variety of challenges, whether they attend Christian or State Schools. They experience physical, biological, emotional, social and cognitive changes. This is also a pivotal time in their lives where their faith can grow into something more mature and resilient which transcends peer pressure and that is independent from their parents.  It’s a phase in their lives when they work through why and what they believe and how to live out their faith in their contexts.

Adolescence can be a difficult and tricky terrain to navigate through but we believe no young person should be left to do this on his or her own. Our Youth Church which runs weekly during the school term on Sunday evenings from 5pm is an attempt to provide the support our young people need. It seeks to do this by providing a safe, fun and positive learning environment in which our young people are encouraged to ask and explore questions they have about their faith, challenges they face at school or at home in the hope that they will make wise choices founded upon biblical truths that will set them up for the rest of their lives.