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Brought to you after working hours so you can buy good quality pre-loved;

Fashion, Accessories & Homewares.

This pop-up shop opens on the last Thursday (5pm-7:30pm), Friday & Saturday (9:30am-2:30pm) of the month.

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Parking is available on site at 16 Windsor Road, Red Hill, both opposite the church and down the drive.

Lydia’s – Everything old is new again!

A century ago people usually had only a handful of garments in their wardrobe. Carefully mended, and handed down, these clothes were never disposed of before literally being worn out. Even “baby boomers” will tell you that, with budgets tight after the war, quality was carefully considered before purchasing any clothing as it really had to last.

It makes more sense than ever to think carefully about what we buy and how we treat it.

We can shop responsibly and buy quality at the same time

Whether we have made our fortune or not, we still like others to see us as confident, trustworthy, and professional. We live in a world of perception, and although our personal appearance is not nearly as important as our inner character, we can’t deny that we feel best about ourselves when we dress in that special outfit.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a fortune to look great. If you are willing to look “outside the box” and take just a little more time putting your wardrobe together, you can build a quality outfit for less than $200.

Lydia’s is the answer!  At Lydia’s we’ve already done the searching for you.

We have searched and sorted through mountains of garments to reserve the best available for you to consider. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality – much of this clothing is more appropriately described as gently or once used, and some of it you’ll find with the original tags intact. In collecting this range we’ve focussed on quality rather than quantity.

And now, catering for the busy woman, we present Lydia’s Pre-Loved Fashion, Accessories and Home Wares. We’ll be open on the last Thursday of the month (5pm – 8pm) plus the following Friday & Saturday (9:30am-2:30pm), at Windsor Road Baptist Church, Upstairs Hall, 16 Windsor Road, Red Hill.  Onsite parking is available.

While items are sold “as-is” and cannot be returned we are confident that you will find that the trade-off can be well worthwhile; the satisfaction you get from pulling a quality garment from the rack and paying a quarter of the original price is deeply satisfying.

Please give Lydia’s the opportunity to surprise you.

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